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Why take your best friend to just a kennel?

Serving pets and their humans in Virginia for over 38 years!

Dog Walker

Fun, Fur and Frolics

Our team is dedicated to providing your furry friend the top level of care throughout your pets stay. Check out our fun activities and services that will make your pets vacation a memorable one. 

Extra Activities:

 Walks: ($4.00 each)

This activity allows your pet to get out and explore our beautiful grounds. Includes the daily sniffing of our wonderful gardens and a stop by the fishpond to sight the days catch!

(15-20 minutes)


Playschool: ($5.00)

We keep a large assortment of toys, Kongs, squeakies, rope tugs, and much more for our friendly, energetic canines, who just love to dog-gone play! All guests have the option of supervised group play or one on one with a camp counselor. (15-20 mins)


TLC: ($5.00)

A customized program where our staff will personally meet your pet's every desire, whether its brushing, massaging, petting, TV entertainment, or even bird watching. No request will go unfulfilled. (Hugs, kisses, and treats are always included.) (15-20 mins)

** This activity is recommended for the elderly, shy/timid, strictly people pups and of course our canines who feel that they are just too good for play and require lavish pampering.


Swimming: ($15.00)

Calling all water dogs! Daily swimming lessons and hose chases take place in the outside doggy park. Pool is above ground. (15-20 mins pending on attendance.)



Happy Hour: ($15.00)

We love spending quality time with our guests! We will personally take your pet to our home, which is located on the grounds where your pet will spend the hour being spoiled with affection, treats, and playtime, all in the comforts of home. (1 Full Hour)


Spoiled Rotten Package: ($10.00)

Our best seller. Includes three activities spaced throughout the day. A walk in the morning after breakfast, followed by your choice of one of the following: play school or TLC session. A second walk is given after dinner before bedtime to ensure sweet doggy dreams.


Nature Hikes: ($15.00)

This grand tour of our beautiful grounds includes rolling open fields and extensive wooded trails leading to the scenic view of the James River. Packs are limited to 5 canines to 1 camp counselor. Doggy picnic included in tour.  (At least an hour or more)

** This activity is only recommended for the highly energetic, athletic, and young canines.


Netflix and Chill: ($10.00)

Pupcorn and treats are included.

Frosty paw Ice-cream treat:  ($5.99)

Frozen Kong:  ($4.00)

Choose between Peanut Butter or Cheese stuffing. 



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