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Why take your best friend to just a kennel?

Serving pets and their humans in Virginia for over 38 years!

two dogs enjoying the dog spa

Indulge your pet with a luxurious day at our Canine Spa. Our exceptional skin and coat treatments are designed to leave your furry companion looking radiant and feeling revitalized. Browse through our diverse range of services and spa packages to discover the ultimate pampering experience for your pet. 

Dog Grooming

Complete Brush Out
$10.00 - $15.00

Your pet will enjoy a complete customized brush out tailored to their coat by one of our staff members. 

Dog Blower

        Ultimate Luxury Spa Package                       

The package includes a luxury bath, nail trimming, brush out, Baja rock massage, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and daycare for the day. It also comes with delicious gourmet treats and, of course, frequent potty breaks.

Having a Bath

Ear cleaning                                                       $5.00
Great for preventing ear infections and keeping up with hygiene.




Teeth Brushing                                              $10.00

Our staff will thoroughly clean your pets teeth with a special canine toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste.  Rinse is followed as well as breath freshening gel.  This includes a toothbrush to take home with your pet. 

Nail Trimming

This service includes the trimming and shaping of all toenails.


Mudd & Mineral mask:  $8.00

Blueberry Facial:  $8.00

Elbow and Paw Treatment:  $10.00

Hot Oil Treatment: $15.00

Baja Rock Massage: $15.00

Washing the Dog

Luxury Bath $30.00 - $35.00

Our team will custom-formulate two of our premium shampoos to cater to your pet's unique skin and coat requirements, followed by an application of our luxurious conditioner.

Groomed Dog
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