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Spa Services
We invite your pet to renew, revive and relax at our divine canine spa! Our exceptional skin and coat treatments make your pet look and feel like a new polished pet!  Choose from our many selections and spa packages below.
Dog Grooming

Complete Brush Out $10.00 - $15.00

Your pet will enjoy a complete customized brush out tailored to their coat by one of our staff members. 
Dog Blower

Ultimate Luxury Spa Package $100.00

Includes luxury bath, nail trim, brushout, baja rock massage, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and daycare for the day. Also includes yummy gourmet treats and of course frequent potty breaks. 
Having a Bath
Ear cleaning

Routine ear cleaning of your pets' ears is a simple way to help prevent painful and costly infections. 

Teeth Brushing $10.00

Our staff will thoroughly clean your pets teeth with a special canine toothbrush and poultry flavored toothpaste.  Rinse is followed as well as breath freshening gel.  This includes a toothbrush to take home with your pet. 

Nail Trimming $15.00

Includes the trimming and shaping of all toe nails. 

Mudd & Mineral mask:  $8.00

Blueberry Facial:  $8.00

Elbow and Paw Treatment:  $10.00

Hot Oil Treatment: $15.00

Baja Rock Massage: $15.00

Washing the Dog

Luxury Bath $30.00 - $35.00

Our team will custom-formulate two of our premium shampoos to cater to your pet's unique skin and coat requirements, followed by an application of our luxurious conditioner.
Groomed Dog
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