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image of countryside bed and biscuit for pets, ltd.

Thank you for considering Countryside Bed & Biscuit for Pets, Ltd. We are available to address any inquiries regarding your pet's boarding experience with us. Our pet resort is situated within a sprawling thirteen-acre wooded land and has the capacity to house up to sixty dogs and seven cats. Additionally, we offer home care for reptiles and birds in our sunroom. Our facility features expansive playgrounds and open fields, most suitable for your intrepid canine companions. For those who prefer a more leisurely stay, we offer movie nights and "pup" corn. Our boarding experience is highly sociable, and dogs relish partaking in an afternoon "Yappy Hour" with their fellow boarders. Our snack bar is well-stocked with frosty paws, greenies, and other gourmet treats. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your pets unique needs.

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