Countryside Bed & Biscuit For Pets, Ltd.

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 Boarding vaccinations &  requirements:

  • All Pets must have a 14-day protection spray.  $6.00 all pets.

  •  All pets must be at least 6 months old.

  • All Canine boarding pets must have current Rabies, Dhlpp and Canine Cough preventative vaccinations.
  • All Feline guests must have current Rabies, Frep and Flv vaccinations. Felines are exempt from the Flv vaccination if you have proof of a negative feline leukemia test.

Payment methods:


We do not require a down payment before board however, in order to control costs, payment is expected at the end of stay. We accept personal checks, VISA, and MasterCard.

* If your pet is going to be long-term guest you will need to leave your credit card number to be charged every 2-weeks.


Canine bed & board:                                                           

 Canine guests stay in luxury indoor/outdoor suites. They have the freedom to go in and out at will unless client requests limited access. We do put all doggy doors down during extreme weather conditions. Each suite includes a large elevated cot that provides support, comfort, and a great place for a doggy nap!

We provide all bowls, cots, bedding, and toys at no extra charge. No bedding will be accepted other than a small t-shirt or pillow case with your scent on it.  We serve a lamb and rice diet that is recommended for the digestive system, this is provided by owners choice with a $5.00 fee. You are welcome to provide your own food at no extra charge. If your pet has a sensitive stomach or is a finicky eater, we recommend that you provide your pets diet.

We encourage you to bring your pets favorite toys and treats, however please remember to keep your suitcase lite. Kongs, squeakies, and bones are recommended and during the summer months t-shirts with your smell. Please don't bring any balls. We also have a great retail store which is stocked with all sorts of great goodies and toys for those forgetful times as well.


Canine boarding rates are based on your pets individual weight.             

80 pounds and up =$30.00

   1-79 pounds        =$25.00


 Feline bed & board:   


Feline guests enjoy the comforts of our cattery which is separate from our canine guests. We provide spacious two story condos 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. If you are boarding two felines we are able to hook two condos together to make a spacious apartment.

 We do provide all meals with a $5.00 charge or you are welcome to provide your own food (recommended) at no extra charge. We also provide the litter, pans, and bowls. We do encourage you to bring belongings with your pet and see the positive effects from having their favorite toy,treats, or blankets however please remember to pack their suitcase lite and our staff is not liable for any belonging destruction or missing items.

1 Cat   = $ 18.00 per night                                         

2 Cats = $ 32.00 per night                  


Exotics pet bed & board

For all exotic guests we do ask that you provide your pet(s) cage and food. Exotic(s) care is strictly customized to your pets special needs therefore before hand you should prepare written detailed directions about the care and needs of your pet before bringing into the Inn.       


Rabbits enjoy the company of our feline guests over in the cattery, which is separate from our Bed & Biscuit. The cattery is able to accommodate most cages and has numerous windows for taking in the  great scenic view of our beautiful grounds and all of nature's wonders.

Birds enjoy all the comforts of "our" home. We provide a sunny Florida Room or cozy den right in our personal residence. Your birds interact with our family of birds. Our newest addition is a Senegal Parrot named Cocoa. He is a precocious 2 yr. old with a friendly personality. If your bird loves companionship; our Temnah African Gray "Tango" can provide lots of conversation. He mimics the microwave, phone and family voices. He also speaks in human language. Some favorites are "wanna Cha-cha", "spank your butt", "hello telephone", "whatcha doin" and many other observations. Both family birds love the company of other feathered guests and usually spend their days singing, talking, and entertaining each other.

Lizards are boarded in our home as well.



Small animal boarding rates:

Birds       =  $ 25.00 

Rabbits   = $15.00

Lizards   =  $ 15.00




Pet sitting services:


 We also offer pet sitting services for pets who "just don't wanna leave home".  Rates are based on number of visits and number of pets. 

$50.00 for the first visit and additional visits available for quote.

 Please call our front office for a quote!